"Health is the baseline normal"

At Move, we practice the biodynamic model of osteopathy in the cranial field. It is our most gentle modality that can be used exclusively or in combination with our more biomechanical style of assessment and treatment.

Biodynamics is a whole body approach, not just at the the head as the cranial name suggests. Light touch is used to assess rhythmic involuntary motions (including breathing) present throughout all tissues.

Biodynamics recognizes that the forces necessary for the growth and development of the embryo are also the sustaining, therapeutic and homeostatic forces responsible for cellular & tissue regeneration/repair as we age. An assessment is made of these forces at work and our patient's tissues directed towards a sense of ease, where a therapeutic response can be made. The end point of the treatment is to feel no tension and a greater sense of wholeness in our patients.

On occasions biodynamics is used in combination with mindfulness based exercises. It is a gentle and holistic way to treat musculoskeletal pain, however many patients also report a greater sense of well-being following the treatment. Both cranial osteopathy and biodynamics are now taught at a post-graduate level and require extensive training.